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We are accepting applications for our fall litter of beautiful miniature Australian Labradoodle pups! 

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Updated July 2018

We are gearing up for the arrival of our fall puppies! If you're ready to take home your fall bundle of joy and cuddles, hop on over and fill out an application!

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Congratulations to all of our puppy families!

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Mae has a fantastic  family in Bellingham who will be training her as a service dog.

Bella has a wonderful family in Yakima.

Tula has a wonderful family in Spokane.

Harlee has a fabulous family in Spokane.

And of course our sweet little "Pink" puppy has found her forever home with a fabulous family in Spokane.

Scout has a wonderful family in Spokane Valley.

Pumpkin has an amazing family in Bend, OR

Little Rose has remained with our family  at River Rock Farm.  

Django has a wonderful home in Portland

Kesa lives with her fabulous family in Post Falls.

Oakley lives with her fabulous family in Spokane.

Banner lives with his amazing family in Pullman.

Sweet little Lucy lives here in Spokane with her wonderful family!

Updated photos and comments from our wonderful puppy families-

Coco's mom says..."Coco is settling in very well!! She sleeps quietly all night in her crate and no accidents! We are completely in love with her!!"  
​~10 weeks old
Harlee's mom says..."Harlee is doing awesome! We have been training her to go to the door and hit the bell to go outside.  She has already gone to the door and hit the bell and we take her out.  Thank you again for everything, we are loving our precious new baby!"
​~10 weeks old
Tula's mom says..."Tula already knows how to play fetch.  She is also going to the door to go out-no accidents at all.  She is so smart! She's sleeping throught the night and has settled into a good routine - really smart."
​~10 weeks old
~ Coco~ 6 months old
Coco's mom says "She's really playful, but mellow for a puppy.  She rode on my paddle board this weekend and it couldn't have been cuter!"
~Harlee~ 7 months old
Harlee's mom and dad say... "We are so in love with this pup! 

~Tula~ 6 months old
Tula's mom says... "She loves kayaking!"
~Mae~ 6 months old
Mae's mom says... "Mae is such a sweet, smart and beautiful puppy!